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I am a Stampin' Up! demo who loves to stamp and scrap and is always looking for a chance to play. I don't consider myself to be terribly artistic although I can be creative. I quickly learned that for someone like me stamping is a perfect craft because all the hard work - the art itself - is done for me and all I have to do is play with colors and all the doo-dads.

So as a demo I try to help people discover their inner artists through classes, parties, camps, tutorials and samples. I love what I do and find that I often have to remind myself that "this is your job" when I am lost in my stamping office for hours having a blast turning out cards and projects that I have made with my own two little paws. Of course every once in a while someone tries to talk me into other endeavors, but I always return to stamping.


stamping, scrapping, cooking, reading, trying to make a "garden" out of our overgrown yard., learning how to play games on PS3 (I stink)